KEMT-A Brief History

The twisted roadways along the foothills of the Western Ghats leads to the most serene and beautiful campus enclaved by hills with visible silver streaks of natural flowing water. Karunya University, a culturally and educationally diverse university was founded by Late Dr. D. G. S. Dhinakaran, a man of God who imparted God’s vision into the university right from its early days.

The goal of establishing an institute filled with students who excelled in academic activities, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, instilled with the loving presence of God and grace from above, seemed to be a far fetching idea thirty-one years ago.

Though the beloved family of our founders faced a lot of trials and tribulations in carrying out the vision from above including the death of our Late Dr. D. G. S Dhinakaran’s daughter, Sis. (Late) Evangeline Dhinakaran, they succeeded in laying the first stages of the university by faith in God and believing that they would be encouraging many daughters and sons to raise up in life from the university. Karunya University promotes all round excellence and a holistic education to develop the mind, body and the spirit of the staff and the students of the university.

Having focused on quality and excellence, Karunya University has achieved international recognition. The University has the best infrastructure and is ranked among the best Universities of India. Karunya is diverse with students from not only all over the country, but all over the world.

The Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament (KEMT) first started twenty-five years ago in the year 1992. It all began for the loving memory of our beloved Sis. (Late) Evangeline Dhinakaran who was fondly called as ‘Angel’ and to encourage aspiring young sportsmen and sportswomen by the students of the batch 1987-1991 who were the same age of Angel at that period of time. KEMT started with two main events, namely, volleyball and football and it was opened to all the students of Coimbatore.

This is a unique tournament conducted by the students under the guidance of the faculty. This competition fosters love through its operations, including, hospitality with an aim of honouring the best sportsmen of the state on the campus of Karunya.

Up until the sixth year of conducting the tournament, it was named as Evangeline Memorial Tournament. Upon the suggestion from our respected Chancellor Hon’ble Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, the tournament was renamed as Karunya-Evangeline Memorial Tournament.

The eleventh KEMT gave rise to the CARE team, a special team of students dedicated to take care of the physical and mental fitness of the participants.

As years rolled by, Karunya introduced other sports in the tournament and it became a magnetic-foci for sportsmanship. The number of participants increased from a few hundreds to thousands, attracting around 4500 sportspersons from 165 colleges (403 teams) of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

KEMT has today grown into a top-notch sports festival in South India. The campus attracts the top-ranking teams to participate in this prestigious tournament. Qualified national and international referees help us in conducting a fair game. Orderly spectators are an added advantage to the tournament.

The best outgoing sportsmen and women award and sports scholarships for players has been instituted by our university every year. The university has developed strong teams of volleyball, football, kabaddi, cricket, hockey, etc. Our teams regularly win tournaments of TIES, CICAA, AIU and other state level competitions.

The whole campus goes through brain storming sessions, training sessions and divinely inspired sessions to make an unforgettable experience with energized spirits filled in hope, courage and encouragement.

The most coveted honour of KEMT is receiving the award named after the most respected Chancellor Emeritus Dr. D. G. S. Dhinakaran. This award of fair play honours the values and qualities of sportsmanship.

From 2014 onwards, the prize money has been increased from INR 10,000 to INR 15, 000 for winners in the tournament. The sportspersons are also duly rewarded for their efforts.

Besides glittering trophies, attractive cash awards are given for the best performers in every discipline. The winners walk away with trophies and cash awards while the rest carry home happy memories of a great time that they had spent on the campus.

Exemplary indoor and outdoor sports and games complex and fields have been developed by the university over the years. Well laid out courts with flood light facilities are maintained for volleyball, basketball, shuttle, table tennis, badminton, chess and carom. Cricket, football, hockey and kabaddi are played on playgrounds that are available.

Excellent accommodations for over 2500 players are available in the hostels with facilities such as uninterrupted power and water supply and food arrangements. Medical facilities are available all over the campus.

A wide coverage in the dailies and the television channels throughout South India. The games are also telecasted live by the campus tv, that can be viewed by the students from the hostels. The variety of cultural programmes and fire crackers serve as a major attraction in KEMT.

Untiring and constant prayer support from the founding family and many others around the world serve as a blessing to all the participants, volunteers and spectators who attend the Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament.

There are reasons to feel optimistic about the ultimate success of KEMT in fostering peace and goodwill among teams from different institutions. Sportspersons are coming nearer to each other and are better able to face the challenges before them. As the famous saying goes only those who dream big achieve greatness in life.

Dream it! See it! Go for it!