Hoping you all would have downloaded the KEMT app by now, we move ahead with our updates. We are witnessing football matches that most people are unaware of.

We saw some amazing moments, from “THE AMAZING GAME”. The ball swirling and swinging in the air, the heart beats soaring as the ball whizzes inches wide from the post, beads of sweat accumulating on the tired brows of players, the players giving it their all until all that kept them going was adrenaline and the undying sportsman spirit. The players gave it their all, just to hear that one monumental word, monumental not in anatomy but in the impact it makes; “GOAL”.

Well if I talk about football in a gist, it would be criminal on my part if I do not mention this particular instant. Goal from about 40 yards out; yes, do not pinch yourself its true. A shot from about the half line was the difference between the two teams today.

We witnessed the setting up of the food stall, i.e. the home for food lovers. This is where flavours are infused into the lives of students and participants alike, literally and figuratively; where taste buds experience ecstasy; where hunger due to fatigue (and for no particular reason) is murdered and where people ‘hang out’ just for the fun of it.

Each face casts a mixture of emotions... Some tired, some excited, some eager and some just bland. Multitude of diverse people joined together for the same. It wasn’t just humans pacing up and around tomorrow’s battlefield, the arena; majestic stallions strutted along with their masters. Here, the ‘masters’ are the determined and disciplined cadets of NCC. The gritty wind blew across our faces as we walked through the hockey field, where players practiced intensely for their big game tomorrow. As the night nears, beats from the dancer’s music can be felt within everyone present nearby.

Tune in to our next update to get an in depth view of the football action that took place today.

P.S. – The stallion reference was not metaphorical, actual horses were spotted. Hoping to be dumbfounded!!