KEMT is a National level annual sports extravaganza conducted by Karunya University, in the beloved memory of Sister Evangeline Dhinakaran, who was a sports enthusiast. On this occasion, a plethora of sportsmen compete amongst themselves with valour and dexterity.

Namaste Netizens!

We welcome you on board for the four day journey of Karunya Evangeline Memorial Tournament (KEMT) which is not just a bland sports affair but goes a milestone ahead to offer you with a multitude of experiences. The event transcends the boundaries of individualism and promotes the spirit of unity.

The ground is set, the boundaries are marked, the pavilions have been set up, the heat has risen, the players have occupied the field and the crowd is ready to be amazed.

KEMT 2k17 inculcates participation from 126 universities with a total of 4036 players. Events such as football, basketball, kabaddi, hockey and much more can be witnessed. Keeping the scores aside, one can relish their tastebuds with the myrid delicacies present at the “Hamlet Street”. Now you may be wondering, what the “Hamlet Street” is? Well, it is the creative name of the KEMT official food court set up by the students, you guessed it right, for the students!

Any event is incomplete without an inaugral function. Our inaugral ceremony is the most awaited and anticipated event. The dignitaries are welcomed cordially by the NCC Cadets of the university. This episode is succeeded upon by the symbolic torch ceremony and various cultural events.

So here we are, to witness THE most happening event which will pave the way for the upcoming future of Indian sports. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and fasten our seatbelts for an exhilirating ride through the world of sports. Wishing all the athletes the very best, strength and stamina to perform to the best of their ability. May the best athlete win and may God bless everyone. Peace.

PS: DO NOT forget to download the KEMT app avaliable at the PlayStore.